Relaxation Techniques For Coping With Social Anxiety

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If you are suffering from social anxiety, then you must know how awful it feels when you are feeling anxious. Not only does your mind race and you feel insecure and awful inside, but you also have physical symptoms outside. Everyone can see you as you sweat for no reason, shake uncontrollably, and blush at the worst possible moment.

In this article I’m going to show you how you can cope with these physical symptoms so people can’t see you are feeling anxious. You’ll be able to get some control over your physical symptoms of social anxiety. And since you will no longer have to worry about how you look to others, your actual anxiety will also go down significantly. The technique I’m going to teach you has to do with relaxation. Relaxation is the opposite of anxiety. By consciously choosing to make yourself more relaxed, you will be able to control your anxiety.

How does the technique work? There are two parts to it. The first part is learning how to become more relaxed by yourself in the comfort of your own home. The second part is using the technique in real life to help you become more relaxed when you most need it. Believe me, the relaxation technique I’m about to show you is a godsend when it comes time to face a social situation you are most afraid of.

So the first part of the technique is to sit or lay down somewhere where you are comfortable. It is best if you are by yourself so you feel as little anxiety as possible. Now go through your body and relax every part of it. Start at your head and move your way down to your feet, relaxing each muscle group as you pass it. First relax your forehead, let your jaw go loose, drop your shoulders. The idea is to let go of as much tension as you possibly can. If it helps, you can also try imagining a relaxing beach or stream in your head. Then just lay there for a few minutes and try to get the feel of how it feels like to be totally relaxed.

The second part is to then take this relaxed feeling into your daily life. Throughout the day, remember to relax your muscle groups individually. Go as relaxed and limp as you can get. The more relaxed you can make your body become, the more your anxiety will begin to go away.

Remember, step one is to practice becoming relaxed inside your home. Many socially anxious people are so tensed up all the time they do not really know how relaxation feels like. The second step is to become more relaxed as you are around people. The best time to use this technique is when you are feeling especially anxious.

If you want to learn more sure-fire techniques about coping with social anxiety, then click to check out my blog on overcoming social anxiety here.

Extract: Sean Cooper/Relaxation Techniques for coping with Stress/ ezines/3Oct2018

Return to learning with Clickbank University

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Designer Bracelets

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History of the Bracelet

An ornament worn on the hand or ankle, they were initially worn to hold charms, medicine and for identification. Yes, even back then! They are usually bought as a gift for birthdays and each year a charm would be added to the bracelet, they became known as charm bracelets. They have been made from metals such as gold and silver and embedded with precious stones such as jewels, crystals and precious stones.

Fiorelli Silver Chalcedony and Rose Quartz Station BraceletIn early societies, jewellery was worn as amulets to protect against bad luck and illness. The silver vest of the elfin princess protected Frodo from harm in the stories of his adventure through Middle Earth. Even today, we hear the tales and adventures of people long ago who somehow found luck and fortune because of gemstones and jewellery. From these myths evolves jewellery made into symbols thought to give the wearer control over fertility, wealth and love. Jewellery was worn for its magical properties.

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My Yoga Journey Review

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I’ve suffered from the winter blues for years. Each year I have tried to find the ultimate program that keeps me motivated till the sun shines again. I’ve reviewed and researched lots of ideas online and came across yoga burn which has really helped me with yoga routines. Im in my fifties now and even though I have worked out in the past, the same exercises are just not just working for me now.

So I found a Solution at Yoga Burn. Now I bet your thinking that there’s lots of video’s online for yoga workouts. No doubt there is but they don’t have the same support of an online community of yoga experts and people just like me and you who may struggle with the next yoga excercise. 




Review of Yoga Burn                                                                                                                              Zoe Bray Cotton is the mastermind behind YogaBurn   with over ten years of yoga teaching under her belt, as she says herself that she is passionate about helping people who needed yoga exercises tailored to their needs. Yoga Burn is 100% guaranteed or your money back, which is great security though I am complete happy with this program.

Zoe explains that a lot of people actually become more stressed when going to yoga classes, their expectations may be over whelming. If this happens to you, then this program is for you. The classes are person centered and tailored to fit your goals and experience.



Yoga Burn Transitional Phases

I could put lots more in this review but I think you should try it for yourself. I also forgot to tell you about the free offers: 1.Free yoga burn audio classes when your on the move. 2. Tranquility 3. Free – Emersion online community support when you join YogaBurn. 4.Free – Mastering different styles of Yoga;

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Let me Know how you get on !! Namaste!!


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