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AWeber is an email marketing service provider with over 100,000 small business clients worldwide. … Regardless of industry or business size, AWeber helps you keep in touch with your subscribers, all while upholding email marketing best practices.

You may have landed on this page because you received a message from one of our customers, or you’re just having a lucky day! Regardless of industry or business size, AWeber helps you keep in touch with your customers and subscribers, all while upholding email marketing best practices.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur operating an online business or on location, paid advertisement can cost a pretty penny, often with low conversion rates. What are you doing with the expensive prospects that arrive at your doorstep?  What if they take a look at what you offer and aren’t ready to purchase immediately?  Do you have any way to follow up with them?

AWeber provides a service to help build relationships that convert first-time visitors into loyal customers.

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How to Connect With Influencers

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We all dream of becoming successful but what are the factors that hold us back? Is it because there is only room for a small percentage of influential people. We all have the ability to inspire other people, getting people to remember us for our skills is more important. We need to build a solid relationship with influencers in our field. Successful people do a great job. When you build solid relationships you are opening the door to amazing opportunities. Find out what your influencer needs and maybe email them or stay in touch with their posts on LinkedIn.


Webs -Create your own Membership Website

On there is a great resource and community for people who would like to mingle with VIPs and Influencers. There are different levels of involvement depending on what stage of influence you are at. You can become a regular, elite or super elite member. Me! I’m at the top end of the scale! Influencing the influencers. Where are you? For more information, go Here

Reference: Connect With Influencers


What Floats your Boat

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Best Trial Offers on the Internet

The best offers on the internet are subscriptions that you don’t have to commit to immediately. You can try the offer out from one week to a month for next to free. Thats alot of knowledge you will get before you make the plunge and you can opt out if you decide its not for you. I am compiling a list of the best trial offers on the internet and I will update this list regularly. You can also get 60 day money back guarantees but their not as good or benefical as the trial offers.

The best Trial Sites:

AFFLORAMA   Pay 1.27 euro for 30 day Trial OFFER

  • 12 MODULES

This offer is great if you want to gain knowledge and follow on after the first month. Afflorama BluePrint is great for setting up your website the proper way from start to finish and it guides you through the process of driving traffic to your website. Thats a commitment that I could cherish.

Start now my learning the Affilo BluePrint. The team at Afforama guide you through the 12 modules. The course content includes interactive videos. Pdf notes – great for referencing and of course homework, which helps you learn as you create your fabulous website, driving even more traffic.Thats what you want at the end of the day!


This is a great offer for newbie marketeers,bloggers and anyone committed to setting up a professional website. I can’t wait to learn more and improve the content of my website!



How to get Searches in Realtime

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Realtime searches are very important for viewers on the internet. The top realtime search engine is This is a live search engine that you can be viewed on mobile or on the desk top version.  ‘Entire Web’ is a website dedicated to its subscribers and a leading supplier of internet search technology solutions:

  • 3.5 million people worldwide use their services
  • business directory for websites
  • Complete SEO service for your website
  • Realtime search engine for current news,event,entertainment

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‘Entire Web’ is also a great website to search for images on your mobile. There is a mobile filter that places the pictures to the frame and size of your phone screen.

Free Search Engine Submission

Summary-Entire Web is the best and most popular search engine for the real internet blogger and writer, with up to date information right at your finger tips,even when your out on the job. Signing up is easy just click on the link and check the website out for yourself. Entire web has got some negative reviews but the upside is that its a small fish in a big pond and the competition for search engines is high. I would give  a confidence boost.

A review from states about

  • entire web  has a 100% money back guarantee
  • First class customer service
  • Simple to operate and user friendly
  • The website submission saves you money in the long run
  • The website download for search engine submission is safe and easy to download.

Free Search Engine Submission
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