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Designer Bracelets

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History of the Bracelet

An ornament worn on the hand or ankle, they were initially worn to hold charms, medicine and for identification. Yes, even back then! They are usually bought as a gift for birthdays and each year a charm would be added to the bracelet, they became known as charm bracelets. They have been made from metals such as gold and silver and embedded with precious stones such as jewels, crystals and precious stones.

Fiorelli Silver Chalcedony and Rose Quartz Station BraceletIn early societies, jewellery was worn as amulets to protect against bad luck and illness. The silver vest of the elfin princess protected Frodo from harm in the stories of his adventure through Middle Earth. Even today, we hear the tales and adventures of people long ago who somehow found luck and fortune because of gemstones and jewellery. From these myths evolves jewellery made into symbols thought to give the wearer control over fertility, wealth and love. Jewellery was worn for its magical properties.

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Im Selling on Ebay !

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Hi Guys!

This is just a quick post to let you know what Im up to beside clean the house, washing the cat and putting the bins out. Boring! I decided to open up my Ebay shop. Well I haven’t exactly opened it up yet but Im on my way. I’ve opened up a personal account and I am trying to decide if this will be a good investment. I have researched videos on Utube though they are alot about the american market.

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How to get Searches in Realtime

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A Health Diet to help Eliminate Anxiety

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There is no quicker way to reduce general anxiety than having good eating and drinking habits. One of the most easily implemented and effective additions to your diet is fresh water. Water is a great quencher of thirst — but more importantly here — It is a helpful tool as an anxiety cure.


Nearly every function of the body is monitored and pegged to the efficient flow of water through our system. Water transports hormones‚ chemical messengers‚ and nutrients to vital organs of the body. When we don’t keep our bodies well–hydrated‚ they may react with a variety of signals such as anxiety‚ which we would never think are related to our poor drinking habits.


  • Seventy–five percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated.
  • In 37% of Americans‚ the thirst mechanism is so weak that it is often mistaken for hunger.
  • Even MILD dehydration will slow down one’s metabolism as much as 3%.
  • One glass of water will shut down midnight hunger pangs for almost 100% of the dieters studied in a University of Washington study.
  • Lack of water is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue.

Regular fresh drinking water is a vital ingredient to your diet when looking at anxiety cures. When we are dehydrated‚ our cells can feel this at a molecular level and communicate this to the subconscious as an underlying subtle anxiety. The key to rebalancing a deficit of fluids is to drink eight glasses of fresh water daily.

Have you noticed the effects of dehydration on your emotions before? If you have ever suffered from a serious hangover from a night out on the tiles‚ you will understand the feeling of dehydration all too well. Hangovers result from dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. I am sure many of you are familiar with the tendency to have what has become known as “the hangover fear”. This is a heightened sense of anxiety and jumpiness that results from the dehydration caused by a hangover. The surest way for someone who suffers from anxiety to experience a panic attack is to drink excessive amounts of alcohol and wait for the hangover to set in the following day. Water is a great cure for anxiety in this particular situation.

It is important to be aware that dehydration is a factor that contributes to anxiety and that a diet to help eliminate anxiety should contain ample amounts of fresh water. Personally‚ I have found that not only does regular intake of water ward off subtle feelings of anxiety thus greatly helping as a cure for anxiety‚ but it is also incredibly effective for building stamina and avoiding fatigue.

On average‚ most people have a very acidic diet‚ which results in not just a lower resistance to stress but to a variety of serious health problems. Your diet is something you can immediately control and help you build your resources of anxiety cures. As you master your diet‚ not only are you improving your overall well–being but are also building up a positive mental attitude‚ which says‚ “I am in control of my body.”


If our internal environment is too acidic‚ this can exaggerate any anxiety we may be experiencing. The body is in a greater state of health when it is balanced internally. What is needed is to bring the body’s internal pH balance into acceptable parameters. The elimination of high anxiety is not easy unless you maintain an alkaline balance in the food you eat. If your food is too acidic or you indulge in excessive amounts of foods‚ your body cannot function at its best. It will have difficulty eliminating toxins from your body‚ and will have less of a buffer zone to stress‚ leaving you feeling vulnerable and shaken when anxiety strikes. Fruit‚ vegetables‚ and juices‚ are alkaline.

Food such as salt‚ sugar‚ and refined or processed products lower your body’s resistance‚ whereas food such as fruit and vegetables raise it. As you control your body’s needs‚ you empower yourself and gradually build a body that does not feel threatened by an onslaught of high anxiety. Proteins‚ nuts‚ grains‚ and dairy products (except yoghurt) along with alcohol‚ sugar‚ and salt are acidic foods.

For optimum balance you need an 80% alkaline diet. This means concentrating on fruits and raw vegetables using proteins in small quantities for when you need energy. A person with a good diet needs only 50 g of protein a day. This should consist of 7 ounces of animal protein (or a vegetarian equivalent) or 36 ounces of good yoghurt. The rest of your diet to help eliminate anxiety should be alkaline (should you have a very strenuous or physical occupation you may need more than 50 g of protein a day). Below is a more comprehensive list of alkaline foods that will help bring greater balance to your diet and help you cure your anxiety more easily.

Mineral stores in your body have a buffering action on acid and tend to alkalize the acidity in the internal environment. Low or deficient mineral stores can lead to acidic bodily pH. The buffering action of mineral stores keeps the pH toward the healthier and slightly alkaline side of the pH scale. This buffering system is delicately balanced and can get disrupted under mineral–deficient conditions. Both the acid and mineral residues are discarded through the urinary tract. Over time‚ this depletes the mineral stores if they are not replaced. This is the reason we should ensure to get adequate mineral levels in a proper diet to help eliminate anxiety. If we don’t get adequate levels through the fruits and vegetables we eat‚ then we need to use good quality supplement minerals to help aid our efforts to cure anxiety.

Nutrients that are paramount in helping the body cope with stress include B complex‚ raw adrenal concentrate‚ desiccated liver‚ flax seed oil‚ and colloidal minerals. A balanced B–complex vitamin supplement is essential in normal pituitary and adrenal function. Without B complex‚ these glands will not produce adequate hormone levels.


Minerals are absolutely essential in normal bodily functions including autonomic nervous system function. A good example of their importance is demonstrated by the role a mineral‚ such as magnesium‚ plays in bodily functioning. Magnesium is instrumental in over 270 biochemical reactions in the body. It also helps regulate the pH (acid–base balance) of the human physiology. The human body functions within a very narrow pH range. Sodium and potassium are essential in nervous system functioning. Without either one of them‚ our nervous system would be inoperable and we would die. These minerals are usually found naturally in the vegetable that we eat. However‚ the mineral content in vegetables has diminished over the years from the depletion of the soil. Therefore‚ it may be necessary to take mineral supplements as part of a diet to help eliminate anxiety.

The truth is that it can be very difficult to maintain composure and confidence in your ability to handle all that life throws your way if your body is malnourished or deficient in vital foodstuffs. Look after your body’s needs‚ and you will be strengthening your body’s ability to cure anxiety and panic attacks.

I am convinced over the next five to ten years‚ a definitive link will be made between diet and helping cure anxiety. There are some very interesting research currently being conducted in 2004 into the connection between improving schizophrenia dramatically using a gluten–free diet. Although schizophrenia has nothing to do with anxiety or panic attacks‚ it is an example of how science is now looking to foodstuffs and their connection to our mental health.

Always check with your doctor or nutritionist before changing your diet.