Designer Bracelets

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History of the Bracelet

An ornament worn on the hand or ankle, they were initially worn to hold charms, medicine and for identification. Yes, even back then! They are usually bought as a gift for birthdays and each year a charm would be added to the bracelet, they became known as charm bracelets. They have been made from metals such as gold and silver and embedded with precious stones such as jewels, crystals and precious stones.

Fiorelli Silver Chalcedony and Rose Quartz Station BraceletIn early societies, jewellery was worn as amulets to protect against bad luck and illness. The silver vest of the elfin princess protected Frodo from harm in the stories of his adventure through Middle Earth. Even today, we hear the tales and adventures of people long ago who somehow found luck and fortune because of gemstones and jewellery. From these myths evolves jewellery made into symbols thought to give the wearer control over fertility, wealth and love. Jewellery was worn for its magical properties.

             Designer bracelet

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