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In this modern world we all need proper presentation skills whether its for business or a presentation at a family event.  People are also asked to do presentations at interviews rather then one to one interviews. Its important to speak confidently and clearly, effective communication is also important.

Theresa Lowe is a  well known TV/Radio presenter and Barrister and is the founder and principal at Theresa Lowe Communications.  With over thirty years experience as a media expert, Theresa shares her immense knowledge with her clients.

Theresa Lowe

Theresa Lowe Communications, a media training/presentation skills/ public speaking business is up and running and they are  operating from Fitzwilliam House on Fitzwilliam Place in Dublin 2. Theresa’s website is  Courses range  from pitching for business, power point presentations, preparation for job interviews to wedding speeches!! They are also running a 4 day TV presenter course from 27th June. Therea’s mobile number is 087 398 0086 .

So get your best foot forward and contact Theresa for further details,you can also find more information  >> Here

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