My Dream Coaching Practice

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Now that you have completed your training,as a Professional Coach ,put your certificates on the wall in beautiful frames,its time to take the next step in launching your therapy business.

Yes,I’ve been there walked the walk and talked the talk.Telling my family and friends how brilliant my therapy practice will be. The first month is great setting up the practice, painting the walls and finding furniture that fits in with the ambiance. Everything on my to do list was done or so I thought. I just have to wait for the clients to stream through the door after all I was in business to make money. The dream became a little different at the end of the first month.


I realised that I lacked the skills in Business and Marketing to  run a professional practice. Coach Training Accelerator was the answer to launching my practice as a successful business. This is an investment for life and the future of your clinical practice. Coaching by Coaches training gives you valuable insight on best practice in business and marketing. Like me and thousands of others, you will be able to gain the business knowledge that you worked hard for as a practicing Coach .

Coach Training Accelerator proved that I just needed to learn the proper skills,that I craved, to make my coaching business a success. Now Im reaping the rewards and my clients have never been happier. You will find more information here

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