The History of Hair Extensions and Wigs

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17th Century Wigs

Wigs in Europe originated in ancient Egypt.  The French King Louis XIII brought the style to the French courts in the 17th Century. He wore the wigs to hide a scar on his temple. His son who inherits his throne also wears wigs because of his scant hair. Then his subjects emulate him one after another. There are more than 45 kinds of wigs in that time, even the people with thick hair prefer to follow this fashion. Wigs then become the symbol of the great era of the monarchy.

When it become popular poor people would sell their hair to wig makers just so they could eat. It was a very profitable business.

Today its more popular then ever. Woman love to style their hair in the latest fashionable hair dos. The Victorians like to add human hair to make their hair look thicker and place it in beautiful styles which showed a statue of their wealth and status. We all remember the beehive from the sixties!


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