Our Awakening 2012

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Its 2012 and its time for our accession into the fifth dimension. People in Power,the Elite are trying to stop the next stage of evolution which will be a spiritual evolution. They are afraid because material goods such as money and property will no longer matter.

It is our own personal choice how we take this journey. I keep asking people what their opinions are regarding this. What happens do we just disappear into thin air? Its frightening to think there will be major changes in our world. Will these changes occur right in our own living room or is it somewhere out in the universe.

Some people have said to me that if we live and think through love we will find our journey easier. I have tried this and people think Im a bit crazy going around speaking about love to everyone. I realise some people are not completely ready for this.  Ordinary people need to know the truth as only the strongest genes will get through to the next level of consciousness.

The Gift is a video which will inspire you…http://awakeningasone.com/

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